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キャラクター よくある質問

Q. This is what shell?
A.It is called Pinctada fucata shellfish. So have a tendency to dust and foreign materials on the inside of the shell and its foreign roll nacre as the core is used as the mother of Pearl.

Q. この貝は食べられるんですか?
A.Scallop is used, Tempura or kushiyaki, rice as edible. Is used in the event not to save the food, so I can't eat.

Q. Even a child can remove the Pearl?
A.Use the butter knife safe, so even small children.

Q. And also, 1000 yen?
A.If no, take and hold return is 1000 yen, but when our processing fee separately. Processing fee varies depending products from 1000 yen to 3000 yen.

Q. Pearl is a shell of what?
A.It is produced by cell division to the mantle secretes the shell component enters into the body of the shellfish. Is put into the body of the shell nuclear sphere sharpened shells in aquaculture, had wound the nacreous layer.

Q. I large Pearl large shells?
A.貝殻の大きさと真珠の大きさは比例しません。小さい貝から大きい真珠が出ることもあります。 はずれのない宝くじと思って、直感でお選びください。




キャラクター Voice of the customer

For the first time taken the shinnju came out great, happy(^▽^)
It is this time passing in a mother's day gift.
Want to try also.
7-year-old woman. Maki

You make the necklace thank you very much.
6-year-old woman. Rio San

Natural is beautiful
20Young women Mr. N

Fun ~ ~ ~!
That it what this ヽ(^o^)丿
10Young women Mr. S

There has been opened but it was difficult when the shells develop the shape of large gourds with Pearl.
8Old women Mr. T



It was fun!
7Old women U, e.,

Prefer sense cut the scallop is a pleasure!
30Young women Mr. a.

Choose a Pearl, opened at the hands of their excited about it.
TERI's genuine Pearl and brilliance I had a dream.
50Young women I

Try it, it was fun.
6Old women Shiori

Pearls are so beautiful and happy feelings.
Also, your brother's talk, very fun.
I want to come again. Thank you very much.
60Young women Ms. C
Pearl take-out experience event